My Roadmap

CCDE Roadmap CCNA certification (complete) CCDA certification (complete) CCIP certification:

  • training
    • CTT-TAC MPLS Online bootcamp
    • CTT-TAC QoS Online bootcamp
  • tests
  • reading list
    • MPLS and VPN architectures (Pepelnjak / Guichard)
    • Routing TCP/IP volume 2 (Doyle / Carroll)
  • Networkers presentations
    • QoS (2007)
    • CAC (Call Admission Control) (2007)

CCDP certification:

  • training
    • ? Not sure what is available
  • tests
    • 642-892 Composite (as above)
    • 642-873 ARCH
  • reading list
    • Top-Down Network Design (Oppenheimer)
    • SRND guides:
      • routed access layer with ospf/eigrp
    • Patterns in Network Architecture (Day)

CCDE written exam:

  • reading list
    • Optimal Routing Design (White)
  • Networkers presentations:
    • Routed Fast Convergence (Retana) (2007)
    • Deploying IGPs (White/Retana) (2007)


I’m beginning to learn a bit about MPLS and have just completed some MPLS OSPF setup. I must say, it seems a bit more complicated than it’s worth. Ok, so by default, even links in the same area are advertised as type 3 summary LSAs. I’m going to work on the sham-link which is supposed to alleviate this particular issue.

regardless, here’s a few tidbits for studying: make sure you can originate a default route from one CE router and have it picked up as a type 5 LSA in other areas. There are a few tricks to get this working.

(correction: they’re type 3 summary LSAs. I originally said they were type 2)

CCDE Written Outline.. breaking it down.

The CCDE written, as published by Cisco, contains 5 major headings for study.

1. IP Routing.
Note: no IPX or Appletalk or anything else. IPv6 basics is a subtopic under ‘generic routing and addressing concepts’ Other than that, no big surprises. I suppose we’ll be concentrating on best practices rather than odd, non-obvious configurations.

2. Tunneling
There is mention of tunneling non-IP protocols, specifically NetWare IPX.

3. QoS
Nothing specifically relating to Voice/VoIP, just generic requirements for VoIP.

4. Management
This section is much lighter than the others.

5. Security
This section is lightest of all (only 5 subheadings)

The Beginning…

Ok, so Cisco recently announced the CCDE certification.

Those old timers out there will remember the ill-fated CCIE+Design certification that apparently NOBODY passed. I wonder if this will suffer the same fate. The problem is how does one test against something that is considered a dark art? Networking is not something that falls easily under an Engineering discipline. Networking is not something that can be quantified or easily measured. People talk of 5+nines availability but even this cannot be easily defined or quantified – 5 nines for what? Applications? Ping? What do you measure? The whole network or just critical pieces of it? Availability is one thing, but reliability is another.